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What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Electricians?

Have you ever been looking up information about local electricians and run across the terms commercial and residential electricians in your research? You might think that since they may provide similar services, either one of them could work for booking an appointment for your home, right?

While residential electricians certainly are the teams you will want to be looking up if you are thinking that you might need some electrical work done around your home, you will want to call commercial electricians if you are in need of commercial electrical services boca raton professionals to service your business.

What do commercial electricians do differently than residential electricians? Let’s take a look.

Commercial Wiring is Complex

Generally, you can expect the wiring in your house to be ran through the ceiling, in the attic, and along the inside of the walls. However, in a commercial building, the wires are usually going to be inside metal or plastic tubes on the inside of the walls. Usually, this is to make it easier for the electrician to come back and adjust things at the request of the business owner.

Businesses Require More Power

Usually, you can expect your home to only need single phase power, which basically means that everything except your appliances are ran through a single wire. Naturally, you can expect a business to require a little more juice for their operations, depending on what they do. As such, you can expect electrical work to a building to be a little more extensive and with some extra power requirements over your average home.

Training and Experience

Hiring a commercial electrician is the best bet for any business, as they have the specific training they need for the job when it comes to wiring and doing anything else a business needs in regards to their power infrastructure. To do electrical jobs of this task, the commercial electrician will have a little more complex training over a residential electrician who might never have done a commercial job.

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Commercial electricians are always ready to help you out with your business. When you’re ready for an electrical upgrade at the office, reach out to your local commercial electricians to get the job done.