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What Is A Solarium?

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The solarium, in modern parlance, could also be referred to as the sunroom. Perhaps then the solarium design roanoke va team could be giving due consideration to the upper income brackets. Lower to middle income owners might fell a little more comfortable with the sunroom reference. Nevertheless, the traditional solarium is still referred to by its many names, amongst which would include the garden room or garden conservatory, the sun porch or sun parlor, as well as the winter garden, would you believe.

The solarium’s traditional function is to let in lots of daylight as well as views of the surrounding landscape. This can be done whilst sheltering its occupants from inclement weather. The term solarium, as well as sunroom, is derived from the Latin expression of ‘place of sunlight’. The plural of solarium is not ‘solariums’ but rather solaria. Throughout European history, it has been a long-held tradition for property owners, developers and architects to invest in the solarium enterprise. Still to this day, it remains a popular architectural concept.

And it is not just popular in Europe. Over the years, the solarium idea has become quite popular in countries as diverse as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, although it has to be said that these countries do share common cultural and language interests. Perhaps the modern expression relates to passive solar building design for the purpose of heating and illuminating rooms’ or properties’ interiors. The perception may well be that middle-income earners may not be able to see their way towards having a solarium built onto their property, with the universal reason given as affordability, or rather, the lack thereof.

Would referring to the solarium as a sunroom make them feel any more comfortable perhaps then?